Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm Blessed

I'm not trying to get all religious-y on y'all but I was talking to a friend from home last night that reminded me of how far I really have come. Once upon a time, I was stuck in Peoria, IL feeling like the only college educated black fag actor in the city. Wait a minute, I was the only college educated black fag actor in the city, so I got the hell out. I have been so lucky to work as an actor, a writer, and a teacher in my field of study. Still, I have had many a crap job...MANY. I have had to do menial temp work and menial acting work but I have always worked. Once I did an industrial where I had to pretend to be a worker on strike because my chair wasn't comfortable enough. Another time, I had to pretend to be an underaged drinker in a chain restaraunt training video. All of these jobs sucked but all of them paid. And none of them were like this. I'm blessed.

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  1. I...uh...I totally worked at Wendy's in high school. Sadly it was the in the days BEFORE rap music.

    What I would have given for a Howard Jones-inspired salad-bar training...