Monday, March 08, 2004

Been a while. I'm back. I resigned my position as a regular member of the Second City National Touring Company. It was one of the most dificult thing I have ever had to do but that last night with my company was wonderful. Last weekend was my last tour. We were fortunate enough to be booked in the NYC area. This meant that I got to visit with some friends including my bestest, Dan G. and newer friends from Second City like recently hired Saturday Night Live! writers, John Lutz and Liz Cackoski. I drank too much but I don't regret a moment.

I love NY and I am thinking about pulling stakes and heading that direction. Of course, at this time last year, I thought I would be moving to LA.

My last performance with the touring company came a week ago today. It was very special. Mom came and brought with her my cousin Angie, my aunt Denice and an old friend, Carolyn. My night was also attended by two former students and now friends, Angelique and Tim. Dawn G came and brought along the most adorable Luis. Paul G, Jason C, and Christine also came.

Wonderful words were spoken by Bumper Carroll, Dionna Griffin, Marc Warzecha, Craig Uhlir, Claudia Wallace, and Jeremy Smith. Thanks for everything guys but especially thanks to Marc for making a naughty story about me in Vancouver pretty PG for my Mom.

My replacement in my company is top notch and I probably should be jealous but the fact is that I have a huge crush on him. I think that he is "super cute" and "super talented." A combination that I find hard to resist. I actually asked him out a few weeks ago but he said, "no." Oh well, maybe next time.

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