Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Last night I attended a gala benefit. I don't get to go to things like this all the time but it was actually fun to get dressed up with Steve and have the neighbors look at you a couple of times (because we were so fucking hot). I wore a beautiful blue french cuff shirt with a spectacular blue and green floral tie by City of London. Steve opted for classic all black.

The benefit was for the Second City Foundation. I thought it was going to be lame. The only reason I was going was because my friend Di, who runs the Outreach and Diversity program, invited me and Steve encouraged me to go and schmooze. So I did. I loved it. I met some great people. I got to introduce Steve to my "other world." The "other world" got to meet my significant other, as well. There were also some special treats. I am huge fan of Strangers With Candy and I got to hang out with Gregg Hollimon last night for a bit. I first met him around 4 years ago but last night was the first time I mentioned what a fan of the TV show I was and that I was looking forward to the movie. I met a very big wig from the Illinois Film Commission. The biggest wig of them all actually, Brenda Sexton who invited me to LA in September for meet and greet celebration of film making in Illinois. Well, Okay... I also got to introduce Steve to George Wendt and Tim Kazurinsky. It was a cool night. Steve even won a silent auction. And it was all for charity.

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