Saturday, July 23, 2005

More Best Of...

I have been reading some of my old posts from a blog that no longer exists. This post is great for several reasons. It just goes to show how everything is temporal. Life constantly changes. I no longer work at Domicile. I no longer date Joel (aka, The Freak). The Freak almost turned me off to men completely (at least dating). I feel like I learned a lot from that. I also mention Scott's B-day. What I didn't know is that 3 1/2 years later I would be Scott's roommate for 9 months. Life is odd.

Reposted from my former blog, I'm Just Glad To Be Here. March 19, 2001:

Last night, Joel commented on how I was so dramatic (something my mother said to me about two years ago). Well, no kidding. Do you think this might be the reason I became an actor? If I could control my freakish humanistic response to stimuli, don't you think I would? It is not called "being dramatic", it is called being.

Friday was great. Joel and I spent the evening behaving like teenagers. My roomate Matt had a date. They were in the living room watching JFK, while Joel and I were smoking pot, giggling like school girls, talking, and fucking like there was no tomorrow. We had so much fun. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard with anyone. And the sex? Wow. Enough said.

Saturday I had to work at Domicile Furniture. I worked at both Chicago locations. I worked for 3-4 hours at the Boystown location and the rest of the day at the Lincoln Park/Diversey store. Nothing of note happened except that Joel disappeared on me for the rest of the night. No word, no phone call, nothing. I didn't know if he were alive or dead. My guess was that he was off trying to kill some of the pain and stress he was feeling though alcohol. I was right. Unfortunately. This is his issue and not mine. I don't want it to become my problem and I addressed that to him on Sunday. He was cool about it and I hope that we never go this way again. I was a little disappointed in him, especially after Friday night.

Saturday night, I went to Mi Tierra for Scott's 33rd birthay celebration. I had such an odd time there. I was a little upset with Joel which played a part in my feelings. I was also weirded out by this strange group that surrounded Scott. Scott conceived and directed Schoolhouse Rock Live!. Scott gave me one of my first jobs acting in Chicago. I was an understudy with the original company and I later took over the role of Joe in Chicago. I worked on and off in SRL! for about three years until I joined Showboat. There is some weird history with SRL! I have to tell you that most of the original cast are not big fans of Scott, Kyle (the "co-creator") or Nina (the producer), all three were at Mi Tierra. None of my chums were there. It was odd. I stayed and met some neat people that have been involved in the show in recent years...another thing I found odd. The show started in 1993. Everyone involved was in their early 20's (except Joe). Now we are late 20's to early 30's (except Joe) and the current or newer cast members are the age that we were. And things just keep on rolling along like the old guards had never been there. We were there and now we have moved on. At least most of have. Dina and Joe are still bummng about the Chicago area. George is Mr. Musical Theatre Chicago going from one Marriott Theatre musical to the next. Dori is in the improv world. She and I will collaborate on a show soon. Shulie is out in L.A. working here and there. Someday, she will have her own sitcom and I hope she asks me to guest star. Tom is starring in the national tour of Blues Clues Live!
Okay enough, enough. Memory Lane is now closed.

Sunday meant more time at Domicile. Again, a little at one store and the rest of the time at the other. Joel and I discussed the previous night and reconciled. We spent the night together at my place being silly but this time without the pot.

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