Friday, July 01, 2005

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

This is my 4th of July special edition. And I want it to be hot, hot, hot! Just like all of you good people out there reading my ramblings at this very steamy time of year.

The man and I are going on a trip for a 4 day weekend. Don't stop reading. I am aware that the 4 day weekend detail is so not hot but I'm going somewhere with this...Okay?
When I was single I got my fair share of "something that's good for me." My standard m.o. was to find a willing body. I liked to work with the same body over a course of time but I never got emotionally involved. Again, I know not hot. The sex was ran the gamut from cries of ectasy to cries of "taxi!"

My libido was always fairly high but as I merged into my 30s it wained a bit. Where I normally needed to do it daily, I could get by on every other week...and maybe every three weeks if I was really busy.

I don't say any of this to throw a negative light on my current sex life with my partner. Rest your weary heads that we do all right by each other but everybody knows that the longer you are together (plus the older you are), the less you are "together" if you are not getting my obvious inuendo.

Lately, Steve and I have both been crazy busy. He has been really buys preparing for the Rogers Park Garden Walk. I have several jobs plus a show to produce. Mom came to visit in the middle of all this madness which includes three days of me in New York. We have barely even had time for a snuggle. Well, our vacation has offically begun. We will both be gone until Monday night or Tuesday morning and we celebrated by letting go of some of the last weeks' tension I mean horniness. We can't keep our hands off each other...We had to take a break last night because a friend came over. The friend got a little "blurry" and Steve took him home. Okay, this entry is not hot at all but when Steve comes back I'm going to...(SOUND FX:Sliding glass door)...he's coming...gotta go.

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