Friday, February 24, 2006

It has begun

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I love you American Idol because you always deliver the drama. What is the deal with a group number with the final 24? It is too early in the competition and the number was awful.

Let me jump right in with the Idol cuts. I usually wait until the final 12 are chosen before I start making comments but since they have already done a group number then all bets are off.

I knew that Copa dude (Bobby) was a definite goner. He and Stevie were a no-brainer. I didn't think that the pretty twin (Becky) was going this week. There are a few other women that I think are just as mediocre or worse.

I thought that it would be between Piano Man (Patrick) and Bucky (AKA Country Hick) for the second guy to be cut. Although I hated the performance by the kid from Crystal Lake, IL (David) who sang "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". But I knew that he was cute enough to stay. I mean lets not forget that this is a talent competition and a popularity contest as well.

Piano Man picked the wrong song and was boring. And it cost him. I thought it might be Bucky because he was lacking in showmanship. His voice is pretty good but his look is atrocious and his stage presence is lackluster. At least the goofy kid from Crystal Lake was entertaining although hard to watch.

And Ace....Hot stuff. He is not the best singer but he can sing well and he just smolders on stage. I hope he can bring even more vocally. I don't want to see another Justin Guarini.

Other early favorites include Paris, Katharine, Elliot, and Mandisa.

I want to like Taylor but I know his whole Ray Charles/Joe Cocker routine is going to wear my nerves. Although he is one hell of an entertainer and can sing his ass off.

And what is up with them letting the contestants sing the song that got them voted off. I know it is a way for the departing contestant to give something to their fans just one more time. But it comes off like "America didn't like you, lets see why!" Hilarious.

My predictions for the final 12 (in no particular order):


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  1. You don't think Sway will make it??? I actually like him....and it would be nice to see an Asian win....GLAD the twin went home...her looks got her that far...she was bad bad bad...


    PS...predictions for Project Runway finale??? I say Daniel V...