Tuesday, February 14, 2006

On a TransMission
It all began when I watched the documentary series Transgeneration. The show had me "trans"-fixed (I'm sorry that's Steve's joke). This series detailed the life of four college aged transgendered individuals (2 MTF (male to female) and 2 FTM (female to male). It was fascinating. My ignorance on the issue of being transgendered was overwhelming.

There have been so many other Transgender related projects since the show first aired last fall including the Felicity Huffman lead indie TransAmerica. There is a lot more information about the life of the Transgendered. I almost feel like I've heard it all. Now I realize that I haven't.

Josef's Blog tells the true story of Josef Kirchner, a man that became a woman and then a man again (that makes him a MTFTM). It is an amazing story. Kirchner's tells about his fear, disappointment, shame, and regret before his sexual re-assignment surgery, after the surgery, and after the transition back. It's deep shit man.

Recently, Kirchner posted a public apology to members of the Transcommunity for calling them sick and evil.

Deep shit man.

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