Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What The Hell Is Chocolate Soup?

VD Menu copy, originally uploaded by Uptempo Orpheus.

About seven days ago, I became ill. I am not very good at giving in to illness. I tried to hang on and pretend I was well for as long as possible. I lasted a day. At first, I thought I had the flu. I had a low grade temperature, terrible headache and was sore all over. After the fever broke, my symptoms were basically like a bad cold. Congested, chills, headache, soreness, and coughing. I even had to miss a performance on Saturday. It was awful.

I'm well now. You won't believe what a strong will, ibuprofen and Cold-Eeze can do.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day (formerly known to me as VD) and my first day feeling more good than bad. I had an audition that I think went very well but every time I think that, I don't get the job so...

I prepared a special Valentine's dinner for Steve. The menu is above. Yes, I can cook. I also made a special VD (sorry, old habit) music list for the evening. We had a lot of fun.

For those of you beginning to puke right now, it should be noted that I was the perpetually single guy for years. Until now, most of my Valentine's Days were spent alone. That is not a complaint. I didn't care and I never felt bad about being alone on the "big day."

Rituals and traditions are generally lost on me. I don't "get into" holidays that much. I mean like Halloween but that is about it.

Now that I have Steve in my life, I thought it was important to see what the big heart day fuss is all about.
I don't mean to be a sentimental bore but I enjoyed making VD (Yeah, I can't stop doing that) romantic and fun. Steve is a great partner. He puts up with a lot from me. Dating me includes bouts of depression, bouts of poverty, and bouts with my family. He doesn't just deal with my baggage, he sometimes carries it. And I appreciate it.

Now that you have heard my sweet little story, here are some Valentine's Day disaster stories to make you feel good about your own world.

BTW, Chocolate Soup (sort of a cross between pudding and hot chocolate) is delicious.

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