Friday, May 20, 2005

Allow me to introduce myself...

T-Rob here just filling in until the original Uptempo Orpheus returns...I enjoy reading this blog everyday, in fact its one of the first things that I do in the morning at work. I am not as good as it as he is and unfortunately I haven't had a chance to scan over current events and give my input...I tend to get passionate about children and animals and usually find things were my unsolicited input get puts. The only thing that really caught my eye was this article in the Trib:
A northwest suburban woman charged with killing her two young children by stabbing each of them more than 200 times may soon undergo a mental health evaluation

Here's my question - MAY undergo?? She stabbed her babies TWO hundred times...YES, she may be a little bit sick and mentally unstable NO? And how does a woman get that far without the husband noticing? Such a sad thing when innocent children get "taken" out by their own parents (remember the two Zion girls)...
Well hopefully if I ever asked again to do this I will be able to give my "guestmanship" <--my made up word for the day...more flare.

Thanks for letting hit your spot...I was honored.

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