Tuesday, May 17, 2005

American Idol:Final 3

We have come to this three contestants sing three songs. The first song was chosen by music mogul Clive Davis. The second by the contestants. And the third song was chosen by one of the judges. I love the final three. They are so diverse. We have an R & B diva, a rocker, and a country queen.

I'll Never Love This Way Again
Chain of Fools
On The Radio

Clive chose the Dionne Warwick tune and it was only so-so for me. She had some trouble sustaining the lower notes and went a bit flat in the middle of the song. This is a tough song to sing. It is incredibly rangey but she managed to pull out at the end. Her Chain of Fools was okay but at this point in the competition, I was expecting to be wowed and I wasn't. Finally, she sang On the Radio and won me over. It wa a perfect song for her vocal abilities and personality.

Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me
Within A Dream
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

This night belonged to Bo Bice. The man can sing. He sang three very different songs and made them all work. The only song that I personally like is Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me but he carried the other two songs like a pro. He even sang his middle song acapella. I can not for the life of me think why Paula chose Satisfaction for him to sing. I suppose it is light, spirited and fun but he is deserving of better material.

Makin' Love Out of Nothing At All
I Feel Like a Woman

I have liked her since the beginning. She has an incredible voice and it showed tonight when she sang her first and last song. Cryin' is a personal favorite and she did a great job with it. I hate Makin' Love... The song is cheesy and bad and she didn't do much with it. Her final number was perfectly chosen for her. She will be a great country pop singer and probably outsell previous Idolites.

My Fave: Bo
My pick to leave: Carrie
America will pick: Vonzell

Overall, a grand night for singing. I think our finalists will be the rocker and the country queen. I wonder what they have to say over on the unofficial American Idol blog.


  1. great call! and Carrie (mark my words!) is next. BO BICE will be America's next Idol. Do you agree?

  2. im so shocked that you were on the Bo Bice bandwagon.I didn't get it. He sucked. I woulda loved a Vonzell Carrie final.

  3. Come on bernard, the idol' winner chain is girl-boy-girl-Bo.