Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tuesday Means the Idol

This is the most boring season of American Idol, yet the show has had more controversy than any other year, go figure. Before I talk about the contestants, lets take the time to discuss Miss Abdul. Last night, she was cute, charming, and from the looks of it...sober (either that or her doctor finally got the drug combo right).

Last night's show allowed the idolites to perform two numbers. One written by the team of Lieber & Stoller and the other could be a song from the Billboard Top 40s. Basically, it was Smokey Joe's Cafe vs. Hokey Songs I Hate.

Anthony - Poison Ivy
His performance skills have improved over the the course of the season but like poison ivy, you just want it to go away.

Scott - On Broadway
Probably his best performance but still not enough to compensate for his amateurish lack of charisma and style. I have to admit I do like the clean shaven Scott better.

Vonzell - Treat Me Nice
I don't really know this song. I amy have heard it before but it seems unfamiliar. Her vocals at the top were not spot on but as she got it into it...she smoked it. Her vocals became dynamic and engaging.

Bo - Stand By Me
He picked the best song. Everyone loves this song and I love Bo. He made the song his own and he looked hot. Great outfit.

Carrie - Trouble
Great performance. Good song choice. And she showed some personality. Good job country girl. NOTE TO HAIRDRESSER: Thank you, yes, thank you.


TOP 40 songs currently on the charts. Let me say now that I hated each and every one of these songs and hope to hear none of them ever again.

Anthony II - Incomplete
Gag. Cheesy song performed cheesily with cheesy and uninspired vocals. In other words, same thing as usual for Federov.

Scott II - (Didn't get title because I didn't care)
NOTE TO FASHION CONSULTANT: No, Scott is not more "appealing" to me or anyone else. NOTE TO SCOTT: You suck, don't applaud yourself.

Vonzell II - When You Tell Me That You Love Me
I was a Tsunami would wipe this song off the face of the planet. Did Seachrest call her "The Vonz"? She sang the shit out of this insipid and unoriginal song.

Bo II - How Far is Heaven
Heaven is right there in those blue eyes. Okay, I know I gush about Bo but he is the stuff. He is the only one that doesn't seem like a nobody trying to be famous. He actually comes off as a legitimate established performer. He seems more like a guest star than a contestant. My money is on him to win.

Carrie II - God Bless the Broken Road...
This song made me want to hear another Backstreet Boys number. Gross. Any song with God in the title is probably gonna make me sick but I give her credit for singing it well. She fell back into the "personality-free" zone but she has some sweet vocals.

I wish the final was today. I would love to see Vonzell and Bo be the finalists but it looks like it will probably be Bo and Carrie.

My fave this week: Vonzell
My pick to leave: Scott
America's pick to leave will be: Anthony

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