Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Final Four Bring It On

Oh, American Idol. You are like a bad drug. I do love their set. It's big. It's sparkling clean. And in five years, nobody will care. A lot like most of the contestants.

Last night's show themes were country and the "Philly sound" of Gamble and Huff. They could have cut all those sentimental video clips. Please, I don't care.

On to the Idolites:

1. Sin Wagon
It is totally appropo that she start off the country show. She is a country girl with a country sound. I hate country music. The vocals are usually great but the music...I don't like it. Much like this performance. She had lots of energy but it seems like she was running out of steam towards teh end. She did show some personatlity for a change. Note to Carrie's Stylist: Thanks for listening.

2. If You Don't Know Me By Now
Note to Stylist: What happened? Carrie went from Dixie Chick to Suburban Slut. This performance was not great. She didn't have the slightest idea how to deliver this song.

1. Just As Good
Please let him win. He is a great singer. He actually made me like this song. I"m sorry judges but I like it.

2. For The Love of Money
His look didn't do it for me. He just looked silly. The sunglasses were a huge mistake. He should never cover those baby blues. Good vocals though.

1. How Do I Live Without You
A good song choice. I love how she tried to make it her own and not try to sound country. She looked so scared out there and I couldn't figure out why until she broke down during the judges' comments. She messed up some of the lyrics but who cares. She delivered the goods at the finish. I wouldn't mind if she won but I predict she will get third place.

2. Don't Leave Me This Way
As a gay man, I approve of this song choice. A great performance of a clasic song. And since I bashed Carrie on her image, let me say that Vonzell looked great and she always does.

1.I'm Already There
I'm going to lead with a positive. He has a great voice but he is a terrible vocalist. He is so boring. If he's 'already there,' I wish he would leave.

2. If You Don't Know Me By Now
Oh, he is so milk toast. Maybe he is the next Clayken. The only reason he got positive responses from the judges is becuase he was better than Carrie. But I'm with Simon, where's the soul?

My Pick to go: Anthony
America will pick: Anthony

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