Wednesday, May 25, 2005

We Still Matter Too?

Ok, so my post today will be different from those normally posted. But I would like to believe that falls under the "We Still Matter" posts that show here often. Mine is just in a different genre (single moms).
So Puffy is in the "baby momma drama" hot seat. I personally think he's dead wrong and I think most don't agree with me. I think its more so b/c no one I know is IN that lifestyle or deals with that type of money. But let's take money out of this and focus on what has me so HOT!!! Puffy was quoted as saying, "I take care of my son and that should be rewarded, not punished". This blew me. So bad I wrote a letter (sent to my group, we call them "rants") here it is:

First off let me say that I believe that Puffy "takes care of his kid"...I don't think that is the question....but overall and for a lot of men, why the HELL do they think the should be "rewarded" for doing so???? "I do take care of my child to my fullest, that's something that should be rewarded."
Mr. Combs,
Let me tell you something....first off, NO PARENT (Mother or Father) gets "rewards" in private or the public eye for taking care of something THEY CHOOSE TO BRING INTO THIS WORLD....THEIR CHILD....You don't get rewarded just b/c so many other men (and women) aren't doing what they are supposed to...This is the task/job/challenge you choose to take on when YOU choose to lay down with this woman and BREED!!! Whether you intended for this child to be brought forth or not is NOT the issue. You had control of the situation before that point and you choose to succumb to it whether it was in love or weakness. Let me get DEEP for just a what point did you forget that this child was a gift from God to you? At what point do you get rewarded for any GIFT that you get from God? Is that not reward enough?
Now, Mr. Combs you must deal with it and all that comes with raising a child. You say ADULT support and I am sure that many agree with you, I would venture to say that its b/c MOST OF US don't deal in those kind of numbers (that much money). But truly whether 'baby momma' was, is or going to be in a divorce process has NOTHING to do with the level of support and lifestyle you are able to provide your son. When she was married $5,000 was probably all she needed to maintain YOUR child at the lifestyle (or close to it) that YOU, YOUR OTHER BABY MOMMA (who by the way WAS getting $7,000 more) and YOUR OTHER SON live at....I am sure her HUSBAND at the time contributed to the household....Divorce causes significant changes financially, emotionally, mentally etc...That income is NO LONGER apart of her household and your child (and any others in the house) need to be supported at the SAME lifestyle (by BOTH DAD's).
Your claims that the OTHER BABY MOMMA pays for everything and you pay nothing is false...You are currently paying everything as we see her with you alllll the time and her and her/your son lives with you. I am sure the $12,000/month you are currently giving her is POCKET CHANGE!!! I can't imagine you are charging her rent to live with you....or to sleep with you....
"He said the new payment is an injustice, noting that billionaire Ron Perlman was ordered to pay about $12,000 in his child custody case several years ago."
Notice this happened years ago. Quit comparing yourself to others and situations that happened years ago.....This is now and this isn't about Mr. Perlman's children...this is about your son and you are making it about principle. Unfortunately for you, your business is ALL in the media with everyone commenting and guess who has access to it all? Your son...I hope you spend more time protecting this child from your stupidity and all the comments the media will be making about you "not wanting to take care of yours"....You actions may show that you are taking care of him and I hope he's old enough and mature enough to really see that....but TRUST....the comments and accusations will still hurt him.
I am disappointed that a HIGHLY successful black man feels he should be rewarded for doing his job instead of setting an example for others that aren't.
You may not be a deadbeat dad...but your attitude certainly reflects one in my mind....

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  1. Kudos!

    I'm a single mother who was awarded $15 per month in child support. That was 15 years ago, I told him to stuff it and raised my son alone. The boy was not supported financially nor emotionally by the father, was and is btter off without the contact from that jerk.