Tuesday, March 07, 2006


KeithBoykin.com reminisces on his coming out 15 years ago this month.

I came out 15 years ago this month too. I was in my last semester of undergrad at Bradley University in Peoria. I walked down Bourland Avenue with my friend Steve. That afternoon I discussed my sexuality openly and freely with Steve. It was a first. Well, I had previously talked to the pastor of my church but that was like talking to Santa at the mall; you feel good when you leave but you still don't get what you want for Christmas. Steve was different. He was so open, non-judgemental, and completely supportive. It would be winter again (Christmas actually) before I told my family what I told Steve that late winter/early spring 1991.

To this day, Steve (or Step as he is often called) is a personal hero to me.

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