Friday, March 31, 2006

Being gay and black has definitely shaped my point of view. My perspective is different and I constantly live out of that difference. I actually make a living talking about my non-mainstream POV. It is time for me to give space to another unique perspective, gay Korean man love. Today's New York Times features an article on gay-themed Korean film King and the Clown.

I get so angry sometimes when I feel that the mainstream has forgotten about me. Or when my point of view is ignored. I don't want to do the same to my Korean brothers. They have it tougher than we do here. It has only been two years since Korea removed homosexuality from the Youth Protection Commission list of socially unacceptable acts.

Film director Lee Jun Ik, Uptempo salutes you.


  1. It's so odd, though, because I didn't catch the slightest drift of a gay theme in that trailer. Of course, maybe I would have if I spoke Korean, but I also wonder if they're promoting it more as an action film.

    I've had two interesting discussions lately with friends -- one who's an actor and one a film grad student -- about how hard it still is to find/create well-rounded and truthful images of gay men in mainstream entertainment. Maybe I'll blog about them in more detail later. Anyway, keep fighting the good fight.

  2. Thanks for the info, I bookmarked that film article and plan on seeing it. I'm a gay artist who just wrote a Dummies book. Gay dummy--go figure!

  3. I am a non-gay woman who lives in Canada. I would naturally assume that my cultural preferences are different than that of yours, however, that is where I am wrong. Having watched this trailer I found it neither odd nor different than that of the life that I lead (other than the excellence in martial arts and high wire act). Straight or gay, who the fuck cares! The fact that you must struggle to attain equality in an industry or life in general seems wierd as hell to me. Much respect to you for being you, you're doing a heck of a job. I check out your blog often because I find it so intellectually entertaining. Keep up the good work my friend.