Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Crotch Mahogany Stack, originally uploaded by mylilpip.

I'm not horny but I just think that Crotch wood is hilarious. Yes, this makes me juvenille. And no, I don't care.

The Oscars have come and gone. I won the Oscar pool at my party by one category. I don't know what to buy with my newly acquired 45 bucks but I will think of something. Maybe I'll buy the dogs some upscale dog food or new porn. I don't know but I will figure it out.

This year there were were no real surprises at the 78th Annual Film Love Fest. Even Crash snatching the Best Pic Award made sense to me. God knows that L.A. loves to honor L.A. And a large ensemble film about racism in L.A. is a perfect homage.

And while Three 6 Mafia were surprised to win for best song. It was no surprise to me. Have we forgotten past Oscar winning songs included "Fame," "Theme from Shaft," and "Lose Yourself"? The Oscar has always loved to honor contemporary and popular music.

As I said last week, I really couldn't catch Oscar Fever this year. All I want to know is: who wins Project Runway? I think I know the winner. But I will still have to wait until tomorrow night to find out for sure. Until then, I will continually amuse myself with this clip of eliminated contestant Guadalupe from the reunion show.


  1. When that episode aired with Guadalupe...I could only wonder what her momma thought of her baby girl sitting there sounding like a babbling idiot...it was just as sad, as it was entertaining....


  2. Oh my god, I just saw the reunion special. Bat. Shit. Crazy. Seriously. She was nuts. I have NO IDEA what kind of substance she had injested before going on, but I'm sure she regretted it mightily when she regained her senses and saw the clip.