Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Idol Chatter
It begins. Enough of this girls one night and boys the next. The show has begun. 12 contestants vie for a chance at becoming "your next American Idol." I have to admit when the first season of Idol premiered, I was against it.

I was in Beaver Creek, CO when the first episode aired. I was touring with Second City at the time. I didn't watch the show because it looked stupid. Why would I want to see bad singers being told they were bad by two men I didn't know and a faded pop singer I was trying to forget? I missed all of the prelim auditions because it just seemed cruel and unusual punishment (not for the contestants but for me). A few weeks later, I was back home in Chicago hanging in my studio apartment with nothing to do. I turned on the television and smoked some weed (not neccessarily in that order, I don't remember). When I first turned on the television there was a group of young and shiny face singing an Aretha Franklin song. She was great. The judges loved her and gave her honest criticism. Then one of the two hosts (I miss Brian Dunkleman. Sorry but I would love to see Seacrest OUT) introduced the next singer. I probably watched the show for fifteen minutes before I realized that this was the same program I swore not to view...Ever. It was too late, I was hooked.
I still am.

I love when we get to the final twelve. This is the point when the contestants turn "Hollywood." Stylists start fussing with them and they get advanced training in the art of Show Business.

Season Five started with one of my all time favorite singer/songwriter/musician/activists, Mr. Steveland Morris aka Stevie Wonder schooling our Idolites on how to perform his music. Most of the contestants seem to be C-average students because their performances were generally lackluster and safe. One by one contestants came up and played it safe. Some didn't even bother to stay on pitch (such as Ace). Even my girl Mandisa was only "pretty good" compared to her knockout performances from shows past. Melissa disappointed me by forgetting her lyrics and I think it will cost her dearly. And why oh why is Kevin Covais still in this competition? Fuck this underdog shit, make room for real talent and star quality. The show picked up for me when Katherine (I like to call her Katie myself) McPhee took the stage. She laid out some serious vocals. She was followed by an electric performance by Taylor Hicks. I still think he was cheesy as stadium nachos but he was effin entertaining. Also entertaining were Paris and Chris (who rocked the house).

It is too early to predict a winner I think. If I had to choose today based on my personal taste (vs. popularity) I would choose Mandisa or Katie McPhee. If I had to guess who America would pick I would choose Ace or Kelli Pickler. Speaking of Pickler, let me just say right here and now that I am completely prejudiced against anybody that is "country dumb." I don't care how you pronounce calamari. I don't find cute or endearing just annoying.

Anyway here is my breakdown for last night and my prediction for the results show:
Best Performance: (tie) Katherine and Chris
Worst: (tie)Kelli and Bucky
Who I think should go home: Kevin
Who America will pick to go home: Melissa

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  1. At first I was "bored" or "underwhelmed" as Simon would say....Mandisa was "good" but lacked the luster I thought she would have gave Stevie...But, and Chris..even more wow...Kevin actually did well...the lisp, the young and innocent thing...I understand...but I would rather see Bucky go before Kevin...Kelli's was slow and boring like Simon stated...Paris...she can "sang" but she's not my favorite...I don't think I have one yet...leaning towards Mandisa, Chris or Katherine...gotta see more of them...

    Still upset about Chloe...I still don't get it...
    And then ANTM - lots to watch there...but they have a "Brenna" named Jade...UGH!!!!