Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Idol Chatter
This week our American Idol contestants took on contemporary 21st century song. And most failed miserably. No one was out and out bad. Worse than out and out bad is mediocrity and last night's show was full of it.

Our night started out with Lisa. I wanted to like her so much after her first audition but she is really getting on my nerves now. How do you spell boring? L-I-S-A.

Even Mandisa didn't do it for me. I have heard that Mary Mary song sung by a few artists and Mandisa's version may have been the worse. The song was also a terrible choice for this venue. The theme was 21st century songs. This was a chance to show what kind of record you would record today. Mandisa would have been great if she had sung a dance anthem. I bet she could have kicked ass on Beyonce's Crazy in Love or Alicia Key's Heartburn.

I didn't like any of the guys last night. Elliot turned out some great vocals but that arrangement was not so good. Even Taylor and Chris were just okay. Chris has got to find some new schtick. Every week, always good but always the same. That was Latoya London's downfall in season three. Taylor just missed the mark for me. I just didn't care about his song, his performance, or his wardrobe.

Ace has to step it up. I have yet to see what makes him special as a singer besides his looks. And Bucky...Just tragic.

I'm not going to talk about Pickler. I just want her to take her "country dumb" routine on the road and then into the sea...Disappearing forever.

On a positive note, I love Katherine McPhee more and more every week. Her voice is my favorite. I love her sound.

But my favorite of the evening was Baby Girl AKA Paris Bennett. She rocked it out. I could have done without my Baby Girl shaking her ass so much but thanks Baby Girl for finally giving us some entertainment.

Here is my breakdown of last night and prediction for the result show:
Best Performance: Paris
Worst: Bucky
Who I think should go home: Bucky
Who I think America will pick: Bucky
**Dial Prediction: Katherine (boo!)

In other Idol news, were producers planning to fire Paula Abdul? Season three winner Fantasia will star in her own movie biography.

BTW, the American Idol website is doing something different this year on the contestants' page. Once you are voted off, your picture becomes black and white instead of color. It looks weird as if the contestant is dead. Just my opinion.

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