Friday, March 17, 2006

You Missed Purim Sucker!

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Welcome back all. Uptempo was unfortunately detained by some filer problem at Blogger. I'm back and I have a little catching up to do.

First, I missed Purim this year. It was Monday. I know that today is St. Patricks Day but we all know about St. Pat and all things drunken and Irish. But what about that other festival of excess known as Purim?

For those not in the know, Purim is a Judaic holiday celebrating Queen Esther. Esther was this really hot Jewish orphan raised by her uncle in Persia (that's Iran to you and me).

The king of Persia, who really loved to make decrees, decided to replace his queen because he summoned her and she was like, "no, he's not just going to summon me, I'm having Vashti time." The king had a bunch of chicks sent up and he picked Esther (because she was the hottest). So,Esther and her uncle, Mordecai, moved into the castle. The king had an advisor named Haman. And Haman didn't like the Jews so much. Mostly because Mordecai wouldn't bow down to him. So, Haman decided to get the king to purge the kingdom of Jews. The king was like, "okay..Whatever Haman." Uncle Morty persuaded Esther to talk to the king. Esther said yes but was a little scared because she didn't have an appointment with the king. The Persian king was a stickler about his time. You came when he said come and only then. Esther fasted for three days then approached the king. The king stopped decreeing and asked her to come in (because she was so hot). Esther told the king what was up with Haman. The king decreed to save the Jews and hang Haman.

Now, Jewish people celebrate that victory over xenophobia and racism by partying like it's 489. Foods include a cookie shaped in a triangle that represents Haman's hat (or some say ears)and your standard dumpling/won-ton/raviola called kreplach.

In past years, I celebrated the Festival of Lots by attending great Purim parties with some of my Hebraic leaning friends. This year I was working day and night. I still want some kreplachs.

More Idol Chatter
Speaking of Judaic stories, there is a David and Goliath story going on at Dial American Idol is forcing them to shut down. I think that Dial Idol was a great experiment and I wanted to see how accurate they would have been at the end of the series. Good Luck Dial Fight the Power!!

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