Saturday, March 04, 2006

Idol Chatter
T-Rob and I recently discussed American Idol. Here are our thoughts.

T-ROB: Hope your "all about you day" really was allll about you and enjoyable...gotta have those every once in a while....I was watching my tape of Thursday's Idol....need to share...

I like Kevin (underdog, young, innocent all that...) HOWEVER, let's be real...He has vocals...But HIS LISP comes through on EVERY SONG...BIG much as I would have liked to see him get through, NOT at the expense of someone better (Sway)....Lil disappointed to see Sway leave so early...

PIP: You are so right about Kevin. When it comes to idol, I have to ask myself two questions. 1. Would buy a song recorded by this person and/or 2. Would others buy songs recorded by this artist?
Lets take our most recent winner Carrie Underwood. I always thought she was talented but I would most likely not buy her music because I don't like her genre. And to be honest, the last secular song that talked about Jesus that I liked was "Jesus is Love" by the Commodores (circa 1980). Sorry Kanye. But it doesn't matter if I would buy. Many people like country music and songs about Jesus so she may catch up with Kelly Clarkson as far as album sells. That makes here a winner.

With that said, I would NEVER buy a song by Kevin and I don't think a lot of people would. He can sing and would be a great novelty act but it is hard for me to take him seriously as a recording artist in the vein of say Fantasia or Clay. I don't see him doing a duet with Gwen Stefani or Mary J. Blige on the 2008 Grammy Awards Show. I do see him performing as the opening act at wedding reception.

Sway, I kind of knew he was going to go last week. I'm glad to see him representin' for the Asians and he will give you some old school R&B but he doesn't quite have the chops yet. He is really really close but not yet. This week he was a little bland and uncharismatic.

T-ROB: Was Paula HIGH or what (if you taped it look at her eyes and listen to her speech)...You can't convince me she wasn't high on something...her comments?? How Anna Nicole Smith-ish, no???

PIP: Yes, I believe she is contractually obligated to be high at all times. I'm sure there is a good excuse. Something like...she just came from her plastic surgeon and is waiting for the anesthesia to wear off. Taping T-Rob? No, it is all digital. I am all about my Tivo.

And Anna Nicole! Did you ever think you would hear Annna Nicole Smith and the U.S. Supreme Court mentioned in the same sentence? It is like a SNL sketch only fun everytime.

T-ROB: Very happy to see Brenna GONE...She was too much, her attitude was over the top...I like to see people with attitude (like Santino - at least he actually has talent, can be VERY funny - "where's Andrae"...etc...)....she just thought she was cute (which she is...) but doesn't realize allll that won't always cut it....ya know???

PIP: Brenna. Brenna. Brenna. Last dance indeed. Don't let the doorknob catch you in the crack on your way out. I can allow for a little bit of 'tude (and only a little ) if you really have the goods. Brenna didn't have the goods. She was okay and she definately has personality but she needs to work on those vocals. Part of being a diva is bringing the voice. I LOVE Aretha Franklin but I hear she is majorly difficult. But you know what? ReRe can fucking sing her ass off. Until Brenna can bring it like Aretha, Whitney, or Mariah, she should get off the diva train and walk a humble mile.

One more thing, she reminds me of
this actress I went to school with at NIU. She wasn't extraordinary but she thought she was the shit. She has done great for herself, very successful. However, last time I was in LA, I heard that she has not changed much.

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  1. = ) I said taping...I have DVR...old language...but I used the new technology...hahahahaha