Wednesday, March 24, 2004

BUSY. The temp assignment at the big ad agency continues. I have been asked to stay until the end of the week. I guess the receptionist must be pretty sick. I would like to say I feel sorry for her but the truth is that I don't. If she wasn't out ill, I wouldn't have a job this week. Speaking of which, this week is a busy one:
I am working at the big ad agency until Friday
Friday night I will perform two shows at The Second City
Saturday AM I will teach my class at The SC training center
Saturday PM I will perform two shows at The Second City
Sunday PM I will perform one show at The Second City
Wooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww!!! Busy is good. Busy is good. Busy is good. Keep chanting.

Umbrella Blues. Spring has finally arrived in Chicago. It is no secret that I suffer from self-diagnosed seasonal affective disorder. I hate overcast, grey, and dreary days. Today is one of those days. After suffering through the oppressive winter, I look forward to days of sunshine. Yesterday was stunning but today is blah.

I know it is not just me that hates this weather. I have already started to notice that the folks who work downtown can be a grumpy lot. I don't blame them. It sucks to get up early and pack into public transit. Now throw in a rainy day. You know the kind, the kind where you don't ever want to get out of the bed. Yeah, that's today alright.

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