Thursday, March 25, 2004

Toddlin Town. Yesterday, I decided to take the bus home instead of the train. This was not a new experience at all. In fact, this is the bus that sometimes home from my agents office. It is about 10-15 longer than the train but sometimes it is worth it. I took the 151 Sheridan bus home. I boarded across the street from the Wrigley Building where I have been temping for the big ad agency since Monday. The 151 cruised up the "Mag Mile". The driver honked furiously at slow tourists and inconsiderate drivers. I stared out the window at the sights. Everything seemed new again. The shops, the tourists, the salesclerks, the Hancock, and the Water Tower all seemed strangely exotic like the first time I tasted sweetened coconut milk in my Tom Kha Kai soup.

The bus continued past 900 North and into Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood. The homes on Inner Lake Shore Drive are so wonderful, so glamorous, and so expansive. These are the most expensive residential properties in the city and I would push my grandmother down a flight of steps to get a hold of one.The Gold Coast offers not only beautiful homes on the West but their is Lake Michigan on the East. When the 151 gets to North Ave, it turns and goes through Lincoln Park until it finally arrives on Sheridan Road. The ride is not as exciting or beautiful past this point but I already had a smile on my face after wht seemed to be the longest work day in hisory.

Idol. I won't lie. I LOVE American Idol and I think that year's contest is the best of the three. The talent is great and it is wonderful to watch them develop into savvy professionals right in front of your eyes. Last night's episode was such a shocker. What is wrong with you America that last week allowed Jennifer Hudson be in the bottom two? Or this week that would allow Diana DeGarmo to be in the final three? It is disgraceful. Diana and Jennifer deserve to be 2 of the 4 finalists at the end. And I think that Diana should be one of the top 2. And Matt Rogers, I'm sorry but he had to go. I was surprised that he was chosen over Camile to go out. I love Camile but she has got to conquer that fear. She is so good but she shoots herself in the foot with her nerves. My prediction for this season is the terrific LaToya London. Go LaToya, I am totally voting for you.

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