Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Ain't No Sunshine

Four days without my friend the sun. I will be okay though. The roommate is back so I no longer have to doggie-sit. Today is my first teaching day with the After school program. I feel like Jordan, my co-teacher, and I picked a good group of kids although one of the girls reminds me of a black Anna Nicole Smith. She's a little kooky without a strand of class.

Cabdriver's death tied to quarrel over $8 tab While the world is obsessed with Wacko Jacko. I am obsessed with Chicago's very own Michael Jackson. If you don't know, this may be the biggest case of gay white rage in history. There are many reasons for my fascination. Mr. Jackson is about my age, went to the same college that I did, and his family lives in Peoria (my hometown). Jackson is also involved with the Hearts Foundation, an AIDS organization and he works for the Chicago Public Health Dept's sexually transmitted disease/HIV/AIDS division.

The story is the talk of the town. I think that he is going to get a lower charge. He is white. The cab driver is Pakistani. I hate to be so jaded but it seems that some things never change. I hope that I am wrong.

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