Thursday, February 24, 2005

We Still Matter

Canadian Lawmakers Swamped With Anti-Gay Mail From US. It's not bad enough that we have these bible thumping kill-joys messing up our lives but now they are sticking their noses in other country's bizness. Aren't these the same people that were offended when Brits sent Ohioans letters urging them not to vote for Bush? My biggest grievance with these folks is that they use the bible to to abrade civil rights. Neither the US or Canada are religious states. Get over it.

P.S. If you people want to be true Christians then I suggest you try following Christ. If I remember the New Testament clearly, Jesus spent most of his time giving to those that society deemed "sinful castouts." He spent a great deal of time with "degenerates" such as the woman at the well. He NEVER once challenged the Romans to change their laws. He NEVER spoke against homosexuality. Read your bible.

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