Thursday, February 10, 2005

Another One Bites the Dust

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Bernard of Sex and the Second City turned me on to Project Runway. I knew from the first episode I watched that this was a show for me.

First,it is a talent contest. Of the reality show genres, this is my favorite. Skill is involved beyond personality and strategies.

Second, there were so many gay men involved in the show and it was no big deal. It is fashion. Who cares as long as the outfit is tight?

The show/competition seemed to have a lot of integrity as well with the exception of Robert's charm taking him to fifth place above Alexandra. Worse than that grievance is the cutting of one Austin Scarlett.

I love Austin. Everyone does. He will be a very successful designer and a star in the fashion world.

The biggest disappointment is that Wendy, that cold and manipulative bitch advanced. She seemed to be the only one playing the "reality show game." She had all kinds of strategies to win people's trust and then stab them in the back. When people realized she was a phony and then shunned her, she got defensive and couldn't believe that people were ganging up against her. That bitch is one big ol' bag of crazy. I know she is a mother and a genuine person behind her edited Project Runway persona but if this was a movie, that heifer would have had a house dropped on her ass.

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