Monday, February 07, 2005

Don't Be Scared, Be Aware

Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. 2005-NBHAAD. I get tested twice a year. The whole process has become routine to me. There are, however, many people that are still scared to be tested. They don't want to know their status. They believe that ignorance is bliss. Well, it is not. What you don't know could kill you. Be smart. Get tested. If you test positive, get medical treatment. Live healthier. Live longer.


  1. Wow; I didn't even know there was a separate HIV/AIDS awareness day aside from World Aids Day on Dec. 1. For the people who are scared to be tested, they should check out this's easier and more anonymous than they think.

  2. Thanks for the info Karsh. I hope someone will pay attention and maybe we can help somebody. Wouldn't that be nice?