Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Farewell to Keith Knudsen

Doobie Brothers drummer Knudsen dies I love the Doobie Brothers. A family friend, that I called Uncle Kenny, introduced me to them when I was a small child. Uncle Kenny was a drummer and he wanted to be the next Keith Knudsen. I remember Aunt Vera, Kenny's wife, complaining about all that racket he was making as he played "Taking It to the Streets" over and over again. I loved it. I loved the vibe. I loved the energy. And I loved when he would play "What a Fool Believes" with Michael McDonald woofing out those crazy vocals.

When I was a member of the Second City National Touring Company I performed a scene called "Pictionary." I would do it with Craig Uhlir, Bridget Kloss, and Molly Erdman. At the end of the scene, Craig and I would celebrate in song by singing "Taking It to the Streets." It made us laugh (even if the audience didn't) and we enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Doobs and farewell Keith.

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