Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Messing with My Mind

I hate when people send me forwarded jokes, puzzles, prayers, and tricks. I will usually delete them before I even check it out. For whatever reason, I decided to open this particular email from my sister. To my surprise it led to a link that trips me out. If anyone knows how this sucker works, email me.


  1. Where a is the first digit of the number you are thinking of and b is the second digit,

    (10a + b) - (a + b)

    is the number you are thinking of minus the sum of the two digits of the number you are thinking of.

    But this is just

    10a + b - a - b



    In other words, the result is always a multiple of 9.

    Now look at the table and notice how all multiples of 9 (9a where a <= 9) are associated with the same symbol.

  2. Cool trick. Took me while to work out your explanation till I realised that each time you reload it, the symbols change.