Tuesday, February 22, 2005

White Horse, Don't Ride the White Horse

The Drug to End All Drugs by Aina Hunter. There is positive news that there will be more studies of the controversial anti-drug drug ibogaine. I have an aunt that has been stuck to the pipe for years now. We all worry about her and I am a firm believer in rehab but any bit of help that people can get is great in my book. It would seem that psychological therapy combined with this drug would be an effective treatment.

I used to work with a man that overdosed on heroin twice. If you can believe it, he is still living. He still struggles with his desire for poison despite what it has done to his relationships, his physical appearance, and his life. I hope this drug is eventually approved and it helps those that can't seem to help themselves.


  1. Addiction to drugs is very serious. I hope the drub gets approved if it works.

  2. The ibogaine is promising if not controvrsial. I first read about it in the LA Weekly last summr.