Sunday, February 27, 2005

Halle, You've Earned a Timeout

Hallie Berry is actually a good actress. I have enjoyed in her many films before celebrity wrecked her. Jungle Fever was all about the drugged out brother. Though it was the side plot it was far more interesting and far more dangerous an issue than interracial dating. The intensity of Samuel L. Jackson was supported and amped by his crack-head girlfriend played by Halle Berry. I have other Berry favorites. There is Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, Boomerang, Queen, Monster's Ball and Losing Isaiah. I didn't like all the films but I loved her in them. So why is she now accepting Razzies? Halle, bless your heart for being such a good sport but they mean to demean you. Don't accept the award. Go and start behaving like an actor again and stop being a stupid celebrity. Halle Berry 'Honored' As Worst Actress


  1. I don't know - I say good for her, gracious loser, gracious winner, sense of humor.

    I like her a hell of a lot more now!

  2. Totally with you on this one. She has the dreaded Oscar curse.

    My thoughts: go on hiatus, cut her hair, gets some nerd glasses and reinvent herself as an artiste.