Tuesday, February 08, 2005

We Still Matter

Va. House Passes Gay Marriage Ban (washingtonpost.com) My favorite part is when openly gay legislator Adam Ebbin warns them that one day they will be ashamed. I have been saying the same thing about this moment in American gay history. I think of Bush and his Federal Marriage Amendment. What will be his legacy? A war built on lies and the stripping of civil rights from an already oppressed class of men and women.


  1. Just browsing through blogs tonight and noticed your comment above. I have a few gay friends and my sister is gay. Anyway, I couldn't agree more about the "one day we'll be ashamed of this." I'm sorry that our country is so irrational right now. People look back at the blatant racism that existed and feel tremendous shame... shock and outrage that it was allowed to go on for so long. This has the same feeling and it's strange that more people do not see it that way.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I am black and gay so it is easy for me to draw a parallel to the blatant racist past and the blatant homophobic present.