Tuesday, March 15, 2005

American Idol, final 12

Well, we are off. I love when things get down to the nitty gritty. I love the new set. I love the new desk for the judges. And I loved the cute man sitting directly behind Paula.

1. Jessica - Ok. Lots of personality, decent enough vocals but I need more.

2. Anwar - Great clothes. Boring song choice (and I love Bachrach).

3. Mikalah - Get off my TV, forever

4. Constantine - I still am not a fan but that was a great performance. Awesome vocals.

5. Lindsey - I was bored before the bridge. And that deep weird sound scares me a bit. Again, I love this song but not this rendition.

6. Anthony - Before he sang, I wished he wouldn't. After he sang, I wished he hadn't. It isn't that he doesn't have talent. It is just well hidden behind a boring blond palette. I noticed that he always shows his trach scar, work those sympathy votes, white boy.

7. Nadia - Good song choice. She looked hot.

8. Bo - My favorite rocker. Pooped out a bit in the opening. Worked the crowd nicely. A good performance overall but not as great as other weeks.

9. Vonzell - I love this song (more Bachrach). The sisters are looking hot tonight. I love that dress because it makes her ass look like a big valentine. This song may be too big for her (emotionally and vocally) but a fair performance. The ending was well done.

10. Scott - I am one the few that actually like Scott. I don't care about his looks. If you ask me, his make-over is by far the most impressive from earlier episodes. His vocals kicked ass. No complaints here.

11. Carrie - Good a choice to pick a country rock. I love her look and her voice. I am not a country fan but good talent is fucking good talent. Carrie is good talent. A great performance. I totally disagree with Paul and Randy.

12. Nikko - The luckiest man in the world tonight. He replaced the man that I was for sure would win. OK performance, better than others but only because they didn't bring their A game. He was fun. His vocals were good until that one note at the end.

My fave of the night: NADIA
My pick to go home: MIKALAH
My prediction to go home: LINDSEY

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