Friday, March 18, 2005

Lil' Kim, You Have Some 'Splainin' To Do

Racy Rapper Lil Kim Heading to Jail. I am still trying to adjust to my recent Latin-"ness." So, I thought I would start this post in the worse hispanic accent. Come to think of it, I eat Mexacin (food, you perv) at least twice a week. But this is not about me or my spicy blood. This is about the Brooklyn Broad with balls (metaphorically) as a big as any man's and tits (literally) big enough for curves but small enough for Diana Ross to play with.

Lil' Kim, nee Kim Jones, was convicted for trying to protect her friends for their involvement in a shooting outside a New York radio station. I give her credit for being there for her folks but come on Kim. When folks start shooting, they are on their own. Now, I don't know if she will really go to jail but this can't be good. And what are these friends doing for you Kim? OMG! I've turned into my mother (Who is also not latina).

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