Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Everything Is Still Rosie

When Rosie O'Donnell's talk show was on the air, I watched it religiously. It was something that my best friend Patchy and I talked about -- daily. I have loved Rosie since Star Search. I knew she was going to win. She was so great. When "A League of Their Own" came out, I saw it opening day at a matinee. I thought she was so great that I took a friend of mine to see the movie that day. That's right I watched the movie back to back and paid for my friend Rob's ticket because I wanted him to see what great job Rosie had done in this movie. Isn't that silly? I don't care. I love her as a performer. I don't ever need to hear here sing but she can bring me the funny any day.

I just recently started reading her blog, formerlyROSIE. It is not so funny but it is honest. As a struggling comedy writer/actor, I can understand her notion to be serious when she is not onstage. I mean she has a real life. She has a wife. She has four kids. She runs her own businesses and still has a showbiz career. This blog may not be everyone's cup of tea but let's face it, neither is Rosie. I am going to read everyday still.

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