Monday, March 14, 2005

Mario Walks Away From American Idol

Mario_by Kevin Winter
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I have yet to talk about the new season of American Idol. I was waiting for tomorrow night's first presentation by the final 12. Well, things are different now. Mario, the obvious front-runner, unexpectedly dropped out yesterday citing "personal issues." Personal issues is such a cop-out bullshit response that really means, "I don't want to tell you the truth." My friends don't call me the internet detective for nothing so I am tyring to find out what the real deal is. Here is what I have been able to turn up:

He didn't want to sign the "Idol Contract": Sounds plausible, article 2

He sang back-up for Wacko Jacko: Could be someone else

Already being courted by a label: Maybe

Mom says "maybe it's something Simon did": Bullshit

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