Monday, March 14, 2005

We Still Matter

Phelps: America's tolerence of gays is sending it "to hell in a fornicator's hand basket." Just when I was started to miss Dan Rather. in comes Phelps with a cunning turn of a phrase. Might I retort, "Shut the fuck up you crazy bastard!"


  1. Why does this guy continue to get any media attention at all? I really can't comprehend why people this bat-shit aren't just ignored until they go away. I loved that part in The Laramie Project (if you saw the HBO film version) where some people from the town made those huge angel costumes, and just stood in front of Phelps & Co., essentially blocking him out. It was the most dignified, compassionate, beautiful act of protest I'd ever seen, while also perfectly highlighting the irony of this hateful man claiming to speak for God. I want to stage one just like it if I ever hear about Phelps coming to a funeral near me.

    Sometimes it all just makes me want to cry and cry. The world is always crazy, but it feels overwhelmingly crazy at the moment.

    --LL Cool P

  2. Don't cry sweetie. There will always be jerks like this Phelps character. They aren't worth your tears. He is so lost that he doesn't even see that he is being used as a tool of pain. I think he really beleives that he is "helping people." What a stupid fucking crazy bastard.