Monday, March 07, 2005

Andersen Cooper, Why Do I Love You So?

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The always adorable Anderson Cooper is being "outed.". I don't believe in outing folks. It is wrong. From what I have been able to gather, Cooper is not really closeted. He just chooses not to put it in his bio at work. I hear that he is a open member of the NY gay society but he doesn't use his "gay factor" as a platform at CNN. I have to ask on this one, is sexuality an important factor?

I tell people to come out all the time. I think it is dishonest (to yourself, friends, and family) not to BUT there is a limit. Everyone doesn't want to be known as the "gay" fill in the blank. If he were a man of color I would say that he should definitely be out. It doesn't hurt to have high profile gays of color just to let people know that we actually exist but Cooper does not need to start his show with the tag: "Good Afternoon, welcome to 360, I'm Anderson Cooper and I am gay. Our top story..."

Coop...don't let them get you down. And call me.

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