Monday, March 21, 2005

The Truth Shall Set You Free

I was raised very religiously and I bought into much of it until education and common sense set me free. I haven't totally abandoned my belief system. I am just not going to believe something because 1.)we have always believed this way (just lazy and stupid), 2.) The Bible says so (an excuse for bad behavior for centuries), or 3.) Some guy that was "ordained" by God says so (always a bad idea).

We are living in such a religious and conservative America right now. Our president openly talks about praying in the Oval Office before making decisions. We are getting bombarded from every side in favor of religious values over constitutional rights. There was a time in World History (and I don't mean 100s of years ago either) when the leader of a Western country used Christianity in his speeches to control and/or appease his people.

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