Sunday, March 06, 2005

Apperently We Really Do Matter

Black Churches Struggle Over Their Role in Politics. There is a socio-political war still waging between the church and gays. The black church has stayed out of the same-sex marriage debate, tending to concentrate on social issues that actually affect their congregations (e.g., medicare, econmomy, jobs, drugs, etc.), but not anymore.

Here is a treat from Bishop Jackson of the Hope Christian Church in Maryland. He has made the opposition of same-sex marriage and abortion a top priority. Why you may ask?
"Historically when societies have gone off kilter, there has been rampant same-sex marriage," Mr. Jackson said in an interview. "What tends to happen is that people tend to devalue the institution of marriage as a whole. People start rearing kids without two parents, and the black community already has this incredibly alarming and, if I may say, this shameful number of babies being born without fathers."
. You are so right Bishop Jackson. There are a shameful numbers of babies (black and other colors too) being born without father but how is this because of same-sex marriage (or abortion)?

This whole black evangelicals mission just reeks of ego and politics. These black churches want power like the white christian right so they are pushing the same dumb agenda. The people that are going to get hurt are going the people they are supposedly protecting, the family. What are some of their poorer parishioners to do when they can't get a job? Or the funding to their kids' schools is cut off? Or they can't afford grandma's medicine? Well, at least the gays won't be able to marry. Prioritize my people.

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