Thursday, January 06, 2005

3:15 Am
I can't sleep. I am wide awake and the only thing on my mind is this: George W. Bush is an intolerable jackass and the idea that he will be sworn in for 4 more years scares the shit of me. That's it. No links. No Gimmicks. I have never said that before. I have always stood on the outside and looked at the last 4 years the way a historian views the present but now as an American, I have to say, I am very frightened.

His religious piety frightens me. His economic policies frighten me. His international policies frighten me. And I will never forgive him for using gay marriage and hate-mongering as a way to get back in office. Although it seems appropriate since he used the lie of weapons of mass destruction to start the war in Iraq. Smoke and mirrors folks. We are going to be paying for his "legacy" for years and years to come.


  1. And I was hoping you were thinking about me at 3 in the morning. I agree, Bush sucks ass. But I thought that 4 years ago when the Supreme Court named him President Select in 2000.

    Guess I am almost numb to it. But you're right. We are gonna get fucked Reagan style.

  2. Maybe I was thinking of you...after I wrote this rant, I went and read the archives of your blog.