Saturday, January 08, 2005

Jerry! Jerry!
For my best friend's birthday last year, I bought him the complete CD recording of Jerry Springer - The Opera along with a souvernir program. Now, despite what you may think of the subject matter, it is actually a very well written and performed show. The music is better than anything currently playing on Broadway with maybe the exception of Hairspray (sorry, I really loved that one) and that means a lot coming from me. Despite my years of professional experience in the musical theatre, I don't like it that much. That is why I am now in comedy. I can appreciate the art form because I understand how much work is required to do it well and please the skeptics such as myself.

It is hilarious to me that London is having such problems because of last night's airing of the Springer musical on BBC2. BBC braced for Springer criticism Christians: when will they learn that they can't control what everyone else wants to see.

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