Friday, January 07, 2005

OK Body, You win.
I hate being sick and I have so many things to do right now. When I am ill, I become this helpless emotional wreck. Most men do it seems. The bigger the man, the bigger the baby.

I woke up New Years Day feeling kinda low. I figured it was from too much vodka and my recent decision to take a weed hiatus. But on the 7th day...I just had to admit it. I am sick. I have been getting around OK all week and I got some spice left in me now but not much. I feel crappy. Mostly just a head and chest cold. Up until today, everything was clear but this afternoon I coughed up something that looked like an aborted alien fetus. Not good. My sinus passages are killing me (especially the right side) and I would push my grandmother down a flight of stairs to stop this hacking cough. I have been doing the clear liquids thing and drinking some Pai Mu Tan that I purchased at The Urban Tea Lounge in Uptown.

This has got to clear up. I got stuff to do. I have a show to write. There is a big birthday bash on the south side tomorrow for my comedy duo partner Rebecca and our friend Maya. Can't miss that. And my best friend is zooming in and out of Chi from NY this weekend. I hope to see him on Sunday. But for tonight, the body wins. It gets total rest, and more liquids. I guess I picked a good time to lay off the weed.

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