Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I Got You

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I got up extra early this morning to watch the Academy Award Nominations being announced live from Hollywood. Why the excitement? I knew that Jamie Foxx would be nominated for two Oscars this year. And sure enough, he was.

As a celebrity, I would rather have nothing to do with him but as a talent...Jamie Foxx is a great talent. He can act; he can do stand-up; he can sing; and he can play the piano.

Jim Carrey, eat your heart out. Congratulations Jamie Foxx!


  1. Congrats to Jamie, yes. But here's me praying for Morgan Freeman. What a wonderful day for black performances at the Oscars--a record FIVE nominations. Nominations in every acting category except for Best Actress.

  2. It is hard enough to be an actress period. Actresses of color have it even tougher. Things won't change until women of color start writing material for themselves.