Tuesday, January 25, 2005

You Better Ask Somebody

One of my never miss daily blog reads is Sex and the Second City. For the last couple of days, Bernard has posted a really interesting and controversial topic regarding GWMs that chase Black men. His latest entryDon't Count My Teeth is well thought out and worth a read.

While I am talking about daily blog reads, I want to acknowledge some new links added in the last month to my site. I feel fortunate to have all kinds of friends and I have never had a shortage of "gal pals." Two of them are linked here Lotti and Sarah.

I have been black all my life (was that redundant?) and openly gay for about 15 years but I don't have nearly enough gay black friends except on-line so please welcome Karsh, Bernard, The Love Hater, and Smiling on the DL. Yes, my friends have heard me rant and rant about how much I hate the Down Low, which is just UrbanSpeak for closeted. I have spent so much time and energy trying to make myself visible as a gay man of color, it hurts me that others want to hide. But this brother is ready to cross over soon, I can feel it. Plus it is always good to listen to the other side and "meet people where they are."

And last but not least, a straight black brother that makes me laugh, The Brutha Code.

There will be more changes yet on Uptempo Orpheus. So stay tuned MoFos.

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