Sunday, January 23, 2005

Walking in the Sun
I just returned this morning from West Palm Beach, Florida. Last night, I performed at the Trump International Golf Club in honor of a very wealthy man's 65th birthday. I was performing with Second City Communications (aka BizCo). We were on the same bill as legendary impressionists and stand-up Rich Little. I did not attend the famous wedding. As a matter of fact, I was no where near it. Mr. Little had the best line of the evening when he quipped that he wasn't invited to Trump's wedding but he would "catch the next one." Even though Trump had all the celebs at his wedding, this party was not lacking in millionaires and fancy-pants. Even former President Bill Clinton was in attendance. If you don't know it, I loooooooove Bill Clinton. Just being in the same vicinity as him gives me goose-pimples. I voted for him twice and, if allowed, would have voted for him again despite "the lie" and The Defense of Marriage Act (why did you do it Bill?).

I didn't think we were going to make it to West Palm. The weather in Chicago has been less than ideal. The snow started Friday and continued on and off even until this morning. When I left my apartment at 5:30 am yesterday there was at least a foot of snow. "There is no way we are going to get to Florida this morning," I thought. My hired driver forced his way through unplowed Rogers Park streets and then slid and skidded down Lake Shore Drive to The Second City where we met up as a cast. Fortunately, I was wrong about making it to FL. We took a Southwest flight direct from Chicago to Ft. Lauderdale. At FLL, a stretch limo drove the seven of us to West Palm.

When I left Chicago, it was windy and snowy. The weather in West Palm was a perfect 77 degrees Fahrenheit/25 Celsius and sunny. I wish I could have enjoyed more of it but I had to go immediately to a tech rehearsal (sound check, entrances and exits, light cues and such).

After our rehearsal, I had about 3 hours of down time. I took a nice long stroll; took a nice short nap; and had a nice hot shower. I got dressed for the show and met the rest of the group in the hotel lobby. We had didn't ride a stretch to the party but in a sleek black "church van." The chauffeur was a tall and gorgeous black man with a Caribbean accent. We arrived back at the golf club and exited the van onto the red carpet. It was pretty cool and kind of glamorous (except the van part).

We spoke to Rich Little for a bit after his set and then it was back to the hotel. I phoned my best friend Dan G in Brooklyn to check in on him because of the Nor'Easter happening in the New England area. I was on the phone with him forever. After what was around 90 minutes on the phone, I finally got off. I watched a half hour of SNL and went to bed.

Our call time was 4:20 am in the hotel lobby. We departed in another van for the West Palm airport. We boarded a Delta flight to ATL. After we arrived in Atlanta, we connected to a flight to ORD. A limo then took us back to Second City.

After a brief stop at the Mexican market, I made my way home. I am tired and I am going to take a hot bath while listening to Whitney Houston's The Preacher's Wife soundtrack (did you guys forget that I was a tiny black fag?) followed by a nice mid-afternoon nap.

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