Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Suicide Pt 1
I found out two days ago that, Cory, a former co-worker of mine took his own life last week (01/11/05). Suicide is always such a strange topic and I actually have some odd thoughts on the subject. The super liberal part of me wants to say that everyone has a right to live their life (or end their life) as long as they don't intentionally hurt anyone else. But that's just it, you can't end your life without hurting someone else. I should say that Cory was someone that I didn't like at all. As a matter of fact, I couldn't stand the man. He was walking poison. He was deceitful. He was manipulative. He was awful. My friend Paul S. always stood up for this guy. He knew that he was in a lot of pain. I knew he was in a lot of pain too but I realized that only he could take the steps to heal that pain. He never took those steps. He chose the coward way out (this is the conservative part of me talking now). But at least his pain is over.

I have to say that even in death, Cory annoys me. Angers me is probably more accurate. The news of his death upset my friend Paul S. deeply and I don't like people to hurt my friends. This may be awful to say but in life this guy was a self-centered, manipulative prick. And his death mirrors his life.

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