Saturday, January 01, 2005

It's a New Year
Last night was a fun time. I put on a great outfit including a new shirt that I bought Thursday when I was shopping with a new guy I met a couple of weeks ago (the guy will be discussed later but the shirt is thee star of this story). After I put on my ultimate party shirt (long sleeved, button up, 100% cotton, red and white floral print from Club Monaco) I wore some lightweight navy blue pants with my Navy Blue/light blue/black Bacco Bucci leather shoes. I wore Calvin Klein Obsession for Men. Finally I roughly styled nappy hair and put on my party attitude. I was ready.

Dawn arrived with Luis at 7:40ish pm. I gathered a party game and the ingredients for the cocktails I would mix at the party. After a brief stop at Jewel we arrived at Bob and Kat's place in Evanston.

When we arrived the children were still up. Bob and Kat have some pretty darn cute kids. Each one could be a child model. You know when you buy a new wallet or picture frame and there is some adorable kid that you don't know who is in the frame? These kids could be one of those kids. In addition, Alex, the red-headed cutie belonging to Angie was up.

The party was small and informal. The 9 of us (Dawn, Luis, Sarah, Angie, Keith, Kate, Kat, Bob, and myself) lounged around the kitchen drinking and noshing before we headed to the living room for a party game and then to the Den for another game. The noshing was great. We had ham, Vosges chocolates, and toquitos. Sarah brought her people kibble . Luis made the best flan I have ever eaten. And I made the red gold martinis. The red gold was created by my best buddy, Dan Gold.

We laughed. We hugged. We kissed. We laughed more. And we laughed some more.

When we left, Kat gave me some much candy including the Vosges. What a happy new year start.

When I got home, my friend Tim called. He was going home from partying on the Boystown strip. I don't know why anyone would be in a gay bar on New Year's Eve in Chicago. It must have been so packed in there. He said that he was waiting in line for a drink when midnight struck. I am not surprised. Since Tim was out already he came over and we did pepper vodka shots and ate chocolates. We talked some more and finally, we crashed.

This morning, Tim got up and came to my room. I was out cold. I didn't want to move. He wanted to go out for breakfast and I declined. I planned to spend the first day of 2005 mostly immobile. I set a new standard for lazy. It was brilliant. I did cook. I baked scones. I made meatballs. And I killed a bunch of ants that were in my kitchen. I also spoke to a few folks that called today. Mom called. Danny called. Paul called. Tye called. Roz called. I spoke with my grandparents too.

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