Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Race
Last night, I attended a performance at The Second City. The show is entitled Red Scare. It is impossible for me to be unbiased since I know everyone involved in this show on a personal level. I will say this much, I was completely sober (I am a little under the weather right now) and I still laughed a lot despite the fact that I had seen so many of the pieces in previews.

Because I was at the theatre, I missed my fave current network show The Amazing Race. I taped it of course and I just finished it this afternoon. This has to be the worst season ever. Gus and Hera were the last team that I actually really liked and they bit the dust. To be honest, I do like Kris and Jon but when they did that water polo game and had on swim caps, I couldn't tell them apart from Hayden and Aaron or Freddy and Kendra. The teams this year are not likeable or indistinguishable. The tasks are difficult but they have had one too many gross out tasks. I don't want to watch people drink pig's blood or vomit (get a clue CBS, Fear Factor is on NBC).

There are 6 teams left. Let's do a rundown.
1. Lori/Bolo - Can't stand them anymore. She is a loud-mouthed boor and that is the first time I have ever said that about a woman. Both of them have been rude to locals which bothers me as an American that travels a lot. It is disgusting to see the "American Tourist" on display. He is a bit of a pussy. He let's her do most of the tough work but he is good at evening out her temper. They are still in the race because of luck and a Fast Forward. To their credit, at least they are not plastic. I hope they come in 3rd.

2. Kris/Jon - I love the way they play. They are very good at this game and really deserve to win. Their relationship is wonderful to watch (not like Chip and Kim wonderful but still enjoyable). My only beef with them is beyond their control. Whoever cast this show did a terrible job by putting them on with Hayden/Aaron and Freddy/Kendra. The three teams seem almost interchangeable like Ken and Barbie dolls. Kris and Jon are at least blond so I can tell them apart that way. Again, they are the strongest team left in my opinion and definitely the nicest. I hope they come in 1st.

3. Jonathon/Victoria - They say everyone loves the villain. And the villain this year is definitely Jonathon. Well, you know what, I don't love him or her. She needs to get into Alateen or something like it immediately. It seems she has some co-dependency issues. He needs to be taken out back, anal-raped with a burning hot pitch fork and then crucified Mel Gibson style. He is disgusting and vile. He will do anything it seems to win this race. I want to admire his commitment but his lack of sportsmanship is gross. He is awful to his partner, other teams, and again to the locals. Nasty. I don't like that. She is no better because she stays with him and she makes excuses for him. I hope they come in 6th.

4. Hayden/Aaron - Boring. Well, he is boring. She is annoying. If she were my partner, I would have pushed her over a cliff. I take that back because she would have bitched the whole way down. I would have pushed in her in front of a train. That is quicker. I hope they come in 4th.

5. Adam/Rebecca - I have a feeling that they will be the next team eliminated. It is too bad because as much as he is an annoying spoiled weenie, she is a super great fun gal. I love Rebecca. I can't believe she ever dated Adam. It is funny that people think he is gay. That is such a terrible indictment on gay men everywhere. He is shallow, whiny, and a big fat baby (remember the sunglasses incident?) She is cool to me. I hope they come in 2nd.

6. Freddy/Kendra - How do you spell boring: Freddy and Kendra. They have been playing well up to this last leg but they had some bad luck this time out. I will also never forget what a disgusting American Kendra was in Africa. Get a clue people, there is abject poverty in Africa. If you don't like it, don't bitch about it, send those motherfuckers a check and shut the fuck up. I just don't like them. To their credit, they play well. I hope they come in 5th.

At least there are only 13 days left until the big show.

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you. For the nice words about my blog, and for linking me to your site! I've done the same.

    We are birds of a feather. I LOVE THE AMAZING RACE.

    Jonathan I think is the worst contestant to EVER grace the race. And that IS saying a LOT--because there have been some awe-FULL contestants. Not to mention that bitch KENDRA. What was up with her GHETTO AFRICA comment? I think what amazes me the most is that she didn't even feel shame. Like it didn't bother her that those words would represent her on national television. Probably because she knew that a huge segment of the population agreed with her. Oh well. What a bitch.

    But you hit the nail on the head. There are three teams that are like twink teams. They all look the same. Although I wasn't a big fan of Gus & Hera in the first episode, they soon rose to be my favs. I was upset to see them go.

    Keep up the good blogging.

    Bernard Bradshaw