Sunday, January 02, 2005

Slight but Significant Change
For return visitors, you will notice that the name has changed slightly. I have gone from Orpheus Uptempo (which I think scans better) to Uptempo Orpheus. Why, you may say? None of your fucking business, isn't it enough that I post my thougts and desires to the entire public? Go worry about something important like when Britney Spears will get pregnant or something?

There will be more changes in the future to the blog. Entries will be slightly longer with less "Blog This!" entries and more about my real life. Don't fret, there will be some funny postings and links still. I am going to pepper them with more in-depth postings of my weird little world.

I will also post my Amazon Wish List here. I got the idea from Sarah. If Sarah is getting goods, then I want some goods to dammit.

Other changes include, guest writers, a return to photo entries, and maybe some sort of contest.

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